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Child Guardian is Australia’s most popular application for helping parents manage and safeguard children from online and offline risks.

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30+  features that keep you informed.

GPS Tracking

Child Guardian can be set up to track the GPS location of your child’s device.

When it comes to your children,  sometimes you need that extra reassurance that they are where they say they are. Keeping tabs on your children has never been easier. With our stealth install, your child won’t even know they are being tracked.

  • Track their current GPS location at all times and
  • Review their location history over time
  • Easily access all data via our secure control panel
  • Also, check out our Geo-Fencing feature

GEO Fencing

Child Guardian helps you create virtual boundaries at different locations, that you consider safe or unsafe zones for your children.

  • Setup unlimited safe and unsafe zones
  • Receive notifications when a device enters or exits a specific zone
  • Track and map zone activity

For child safety, this feature is an absolute must.

Whether you want to know that your child is within the school grounds, at after school care or even attending afterschool activities.  With Child Guardian, you will be notified when your child enters and leaves a specific zone.

Create a safe zone around your home and get notified if your child leaves home or gets home safely. This feature can also be a useful tool to potentially track stolen devices.

For additional security Child Guardian has worked with the Australia Federal Police Child Protection Unit to provide, predefined GEO Fencing locations for known child offenders.

Panic Button

Are you worried about your child’s safety? Can they contact you when they are in danger or even if there is an accident?

It’s important to know that your child can immediately reach out to you and other emergency contacts in a time of need.

Child Guardian has a built-in panic feature that instantly notifies all number in your panic list, of your current GPS location.

  • Panic messages sent as Parent Device and additional SMS, Email addresses.
  • GPS Location captured on activation.
  • Auto capture of front and rear camera photos with your alert message.
  • Emergency service dial feature.

App Blocker

Restrict your child’s ability to install apps and take full control over which apps are blocked or allowed.

Children today probably know more about a smartphone than most parents. Without your knowledge, your child has probably figured out your password, turned off parent control and has full access to everything on the device. Not anymore!

With Child Guardian, you can take back control and monitor activity.

  • Monitor newly download apps and installs
  • Disable installing apps and in-app purchase
  • Manage which applications your child has access too
  • And with Timed Access, schedule app blocking or device access

Timed Access Control

Control how much time your child has access to a smartphone or tablet.

Through the power of negotiation Child Guardian, is helping parents teach children the values of responsible online behaviour.

Bring back conversation by pausing device activity during dinner time. Restrict or block access during school hours. Regain family life through understanding and communication. Negotiate and define acceptable screen time limits and reward additional time for good behaviour.

  • Monitor and schedule access to the device or certain applications
  • Exclude certain periods of time
  • Intervene and pause all device activity remotely
  • Reward additional time for good behaviour

Internet Monitor

Monitor and Restrict your child’s internet activity.

So you want to give your child internet access to watch youtube or access school websites. However, you want reassurance that your child is not searching or accessing inappropriate content.

Whitelist or Blacklist Website Access – NO Hardware required.

Works on home Wi-Fi and roaming mobile data

  • Receive Keyword alerts for inappropriate words or phrases
  • Review browsing history and bookmarks
  • Map connected WiFi networks

Keyword Alerts

Cyber Bullying is a real issue.

Are your children victims or instigators?

Put a stop to online bullying and create a safer internet experience for your child.

Child Guardian’s priority is the early detection, awareness and prevention of cyberbullying, anxiety, depression and online sexual predators.

The child internet generation is here. However, you don ‘t want to appear as an online traffic cop, policing every click. Child Guardian’s patented keyword notifications, provide the parental guardian with early knowledge of an issue and the necessary awareness needed to discuss and communicate with the child about their feelings, anxiety and social pressures.

Child Guardian helps parents remotely police their child’s online activity.  Use our predefined keyword phrase watchlist or create your own. Keyword Alerts scans web addresses, internet history, text messages, emails, social media and chat logs, and automatically alerts you of any flagged content.

  • Detect Online Bullying
  • Detect Online Grooming
  • Detect Inappropriate Content
  • Monitor Social Media apps – Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and more


Create a safer online experience for your child.

Remotely monitor SMS/TXT

Chatting with family and friends can be a lot of fun, however, online activity comes with risks. As a parent or Guardian, monitoring your child’s online activity can be hard. You want to show that you trust them, but at the same time you are worried about what they are doing.

Be assured with our keyword alerts you can monitor SMS/TXT as well as social media chat apps like facebook, messenger, Whatsapp, Skype, Viber and more.

Being informed helps you open communication with your child to discuss any issues that may come to your attention.

  • Receive Keyword Notifications
  • View SMS/TXT history
  • View Calendar Events

Contacts and Calls

Is your teenager always on the phone?

Want to know who they are talking to?


Child Guardian allows you to remotely monitor call history and view contacts. Keeping tabs on your teenage phone activity is now a breeze.

  • View all phone numbers calls-out, calls-in and missed calls.
  • View call duration, time and date.
  • View phone contacts.


Taking photos and videos can be a lot of fun.

However, for the uninformed, posting media online can be considered a serious security risk.

Online groomers and preditors can use your photo and video GPS information to track down your address. Fortunately, with Child Guardian installed, we automatically disable GEO tagging on all media – crisis averted.

  • View and Download all photos taken on a device
  • View videos or  video thumbnails  (size restriction apply)
  • View Media file size, time and date


Child Guardian comes with a set of security features that makes it easy to monitor, track and recover a lost or stolen devices.

  • Turn on and off Child App Stealth Mode
  • Detect Sim Card Change
  • Activate Child Guardian built-in Lost mode
  • Remotely Lock the Device
  • Remotely Clear passcode
  • Remotely Wipe the Device
  • Activate Theif Capture mode – take photos on the device and track location in real-time.



  • To install the Child Guardian – Child App you will need physical access to the device you wish to monitor.
  • To access your account and manage devices you will require a desktop computer with an internet browser and internet access OR an Apple or Android smartphone with the Child Guardian – Parent App installed.
  • The Child Guardian – Parent App is available FREE from both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
  • The Child Guardian – Child App does not comply with Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store’s Security Protocols.  You will not find the Child App on any app store. We will provide instructions on how to download an install the app from our server.

Android Devices

Child Guardian is compatible with all Phones and Tablets running Android Operating System 5.0 or above.

Apple Devices

Child Guardian is compatible with all iPhones and iPads running IOS  7.0 or above.

The monitored apple device must have an active iCloud account.

The installation does not void your device warranty.

Installation DOES NOT require Rooting your Android Device or a Jailbreaking your IOS Device.

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Easy Setup


Select a subscription plan. Complete the account signup and billing details. Confirm your email address.

Install Apps

Install the Child Guardian – Child App. Instructions will be provided in your welcome email.


Login into your parent account. Add a new device. Input the device activation key to complete the Child App installation.


Watch our tutorial walkthrough, to understand all the settings and functionality.

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